Delft IMP team

Bart Bart van Limpt, CEO
Bart has more than six years experience with commercializing new technology in the water sector, leading a team responsible for various development projects with multinationals. Bart is leading Delft IMP and is responsible for the technology and IP development track.
Aris1 Aris Goulas, Project Manager
Aris has more than four year experience with the company’s technology, and is co-author on several key publications. Furthermore, he was part of the team responsible in developing scalable reactor concepts. Aris leads the execution of customer projects.

We are always continuously looking at expanding our team, and we have multiple student opportunities. Please use the contact page for inquiries.


Ruud1 Ruud van Ommen
Ruud is associate professor within the Product & Process Engineering (PPE) group of TU Delft, and is a world expert on the company’s technology with an impressive publication track record. Ruud acts as a project and IP advisor within Delft IMP, and is member of the advisory board.
Jacob Jacob Moulijn
Jacob is an emeritus professor Catalysis Engineering of TU Delft, and has a strong network in both academia and industry. Jacob acts as investment & project advisor within Delft IMP, and is involved in project acquisition. He is also a member of the advisory board.
Paul Paul Althuis
Paul is director of the TU Delft Valorization centre with key experience with setting up new businesses. Paul has assisted in the spin-out of more than 20 TU Delft startups.