Delft IMP offers licensing and consultancy on production of intensified materials, through joint technology development tracks with the customer.

Several stages can be identified in a typical development track:

Product definition
Delft IMP will, together with the customer, identify the advantages of ALD and MLD for the intended product. This results in an initial value proposition together with a project proposal describing the milestones that need to be achieved.

Proof of concept
Delft IMP will execute the project plan, leading to a technical and business feasibility of the production of intensified materials. This includes a roadmap for scaling up the production process.

The end product of the cooperation is the implementation into the customer’s production process. Delft IMP will provide consultancy on the required process optimizations and on process design.

IP & Licensing
Delft IMP holds exclusive IP on scaling up production of intensified materials with ALD and MLD which is available through licensing.

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Project examples

Below example projects that were initiated from the Product & Process Engineering (PPE) group at Delft University of Technology describing some of the capabilities of Delft IMP.